Richa Date is  a graduate from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture. Growing up, she always maintained a keen interest in both the sciences and arts, and saw architecture as a way to bring these disciplines together. To her, the role of an architect is to create and shape the environment people will live in today, while ensuring its sustainability for the future.

As an architectural designer, she is interested in all aspects of a building design, planning, and construction -particularly creating livable designs that not only address the aesthetic and functional needs of the community, but are also environmentally responsible and economically effective. Her passion lies in the historic nature that architecture brings to the built world and how generations of building have shaped the world we live in today. In addition to working on new designs, she is also interested in working on projects that involve building renovations and historical restoration. Richa has exprience working in historical restoration, hospitality, mixed- use development, retail, and entertainment. Richa is currently an Architectural Designer at Gensler in Los Angeles and is currently a  working toward sobtaining her licensure in the state of California.