catenary structure  | spring  2012

Catenary structures are curves that allow gravity to shape them therefore making them structurally sound. Gaining inspiration from Antonio Gaudi and his catenary structures, our group’s goal was make our installation structure appear as light as possible. We  decided to keep the overall structure simply and focus more on the complexities of the  details.

Our project was comprised to three interlocking curves with a series of complex joints and peg system and a weaving string pattern that was not only used to enhance the aesthetic quality of the overall installation but also as a way to keep the wood pieces in compression. The final installation stood over 8 feet tall and was designed in Rhino and CNC milled out of plywood.

Collaborators: Kat Duerr, Edrei Rodriguez,  Hannah Schmitt,  Ellie Hopen, Paul Braccita, Harris Mazur, Jason Kim, Andrew Viny