sako lake bathhouse | spring 2012

Crawford Notch, Carrol, New Hampshire is a wildlife reserve known for its hiking trials and picturesque views. This project was to design bathhouse positioned on Saco Lake that would serve as a relaxing rest stop for hikers and tourist. The bathhouse includes two relaxation pools: a frigidarium (cold pool) and a caldarium (hot pool), complete spa changing rooms including relaxation saunas (separate for male and female), interior relaxation space, and exposed exterior relaxation space.

While working, The focus of this 2-week project became the integration of land and water, and to blend interior and exterior elements.  The existing landscape and natural features within the site (ie. fresh water, trees, sunlight) were a guiding influence and through research of the natural weather patterns, sunlight patterns, and their influence on the site, a important factor became introducing natural sunlight to the site while utilizing the benefits of the existing surrounding resources. . The use of a variation of apertures throughout the bathhouse helped to integrate natural sunlight, delineate public and private spaces,  and provide views of lake and surrounding landscape