boston dance studio | spring 2012

Theater, film, dance and architecture have long been intertwined; each mobilizes spatial and temporal modes of perception while articulating occupied space.  The project calls for a new experimental arts center for both rehearsals and performances.  Additionally, public spaces and learning facilities needed to be intertwined in the design.  The site, which spans a full block the east side of Washington Street, sits directly across from the historic Paramount Theatre. The project surrounds three themes: Movement in Space, Facade, and Program.  This 26,000 square feet arts studio’s purpose is to engage the public and inform them of the performing arts

Looking at the site context of Boston’s Theater District and the traditional theaters in the area, it was important that this new performance center integrated flexible spaces that allowed for growth and change within the arts culture. Researching performance space typologies as well as upcoming avant-garde performance technologies combined with the inspiration of motion and movement prevalent in the performance arts, the performance center incorporates movable walls to address a variation of performance space that can be adapted for present and future art-forms as well as a black box theater and open air lobby that integrated in the existing city plaza.