panthers hollow | fall 2014

Panthers Hollow is valuable land situated between the Carnegie Mellon University campus and the rest of the Oakland neighborhood.  With the expansion of CMU’s campus through Oakland, Panther’s Hollow, become the ideal new entrance to the CMU campus.  This new point will become a node for new development including a transportation hub and alternative housing options for short visits and extended stays. 

At the crossroads of Forbes Avenue and Craig Street lies a new central transportation node and public plaza of Carnegie Mellon: the Hub.  It is here that the university connects with its expanded Oakland campus and its satellite campuses throughout Pittsburgh.  This node provides easy access to inter-city rail to key cities throughout the Midwest and Northeast megalopolises, connections though the city of Pittsburgh as well as vital connection from Oakland to the Carnegie Mellon Main Campus. 

Additionally, in 2050, the Hotel located in the new activated Hollow looks to integrate plaza and landscape, create a new landmark for Oakland, establish a new gateway for Carnegie Mellon, and supply diversified housing to meet the needs of faculty, students and visitors to the neighborhood. At an urban level, it provides a new entrance to the expanding Carnegie Mellon campus and creates definition, boundary and awareness to the newly developed plaza space.  On a pragmatic level, the Hotel offers a much-needed housing typology for the area: short term and extended stay housing options.