solid / void | spring 2014

Frederiksberg has been known as the ‘elderly neighborhood’ in Copenhagen. But with the opening of universities, the efforts made to preserve the city’s history, as well as the increase of business, urban renewal and access to public transportation, Frederiksberg has started to become the new neighborhood for young families. Due to the new demographic of young families and urban professions moving in the area, as well and the urban renewal efforts being made throughout the municipality, an importance of community engagement has become prevalent. Therefore this project proposes a community flex space meant for the residents of Carl Bernhards Vej on the first floor, as well as 2 housing units that can house a small family (4 to 5 people) with the option of a studio/ office space. The target clients for this project are young urban professionals in a creative field of work and are either looking to/ already have a small family.

Since the residents of Frederiksberg seem to value sunlight and the outdoors and many of the streets utilize reveals to bring in daylight to small spaces. With this in mind, this project proposes the use of solids and voids to help maintain the “REVEAL” space the site once was and allow for light to come into the building as well as through into the courtyard. the “SOLID” area of the buildings house the more private parts of the program such as circulation, bathrooms and bedrooms, where as the “VOID”area of the buiding house the more public areas such as the living space and kitchen.